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Black in Latin America, Mexico, and Peru: “The Black Grandma in the Closet”


a brief look at the African presence and history in Mexico


Mickey Mouse Monopoly is a very informative movie. This clip from it talks about race. Remeber how we mentioned the lack of a Latina princess? This clip addresses the portrayal of Latinos.

video by 47claytonic


TONA LA NEGRA noche tropical








Is white skin really fair skin?

Something as basic as the color of our skin has shaped our lives, opened doors, put us at the head of the line.

Granted us privileges we don’t even realize.

We don’t experience the daily disadvantages - the looks, the fear, the hassles - that thrive in the unspoken world of white entitlement.

And that’s unfair.

For those who think White Privilege is a myth.

A little ranting..

Every race and culture has it’s own pendejo.

Blacks have their many ignorant, ghetto people. 

Most whites are against us, but not all of them. We can’t blame present generations for what their great grand father’s did, unless they have the same mindset. If not, get to know their moral codes before you hate “that white guy”. 

But there is that white girl who thinks you’re exotic for being darker…

Latinos? We tear ourselves apart first before other races can get to us.

Afro latinos blame Mexicans and light skinned latinos for being not latino enough for society. It’s not the Mexicanos faults for the idea that the white man put into society. There are Afro Mexicans also, closer to the coast. 

Mexicans are pulled apart by Latinos for this and pulled apart by America for the immigration issue. MEXICAN-AMERICANS go through more prejudice today because of what they have no control over. 

Afro latinos are in the middle, they want to be considered Black and Latino, but society isn’t letting them. They should be able to be whomever they want to be. May it be purple or fucking green. 

Many of us want to point the finger at everyone, that they are all racial, but in reality we all are. Ask yourself, are you really not judging them? Who are we to stereotype and judge, just fucking treat everyone equally until they show you different.


AfroLatin@ celebs in the US speak…


What does it mean to be black and Latino in the U.S.? Afro-Latino actors Laz Alonso (Avatar, Jumping the Broom), Tatyana Ali (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), Gina Torres (Suits, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) and Judy Reyes (Scrubs), musicians Christina Milian (“Dip it Low”) and Kat DeLuna (“Whine Up”), and journalist Soledad O’Brien (CNN), among many others share their experiences on mun2.tv.  

jei!en: a thought or two about racism


1. Opening wounds just so white people know what racism is like.
I realized that whenever I have to explain racism to a white person, I have to give them examples of racism in my life. It makes sense because I know the matter being spoken very well since these are true anecdotes from my life….


He married a Latina! They will make GORGEOUS BABIES!!! HE’S SOOOO SEXY


[images: six photos of men presenting feminine]


“TRUE MEN” by Brian Shumway

Project Description: 

Gender can be a perplexing thing. Despite being flexible and malleable, it defines and confines who we are and how we express ourselves, especially through behavior and dress. Men in particular are bound by the dictates of gender. To be a ‘real man,’ being manly and masculine (or at the very least not outwardly effeminate) are paramount. Expression of one’s manhood, especially in public, must remain within a narrow range of acceptable social norms. Little boys are conditioned as such from birth, almost as a universal absolute. But this ignores the full story of male identity. There is a large spectrum of male experience that is deemed off limits by popular society. The men in this portrait series fall outside traditional notions of manliness and masculinity. They possess an effeminate manner, dress, or look, a ‘girlishness’ that is as much a part of being male as weightlifting and football. They boldly embrace expressions of male identity which flaunt the confines of conventional conceptions of manhood and what it means to be a man.

femme men, you have my heart

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Black and Brown Unity and Immigration Law issues

This is very interesting, I would love to talk to this man in person and pick his brain. I highly agree, that most people automatically put Mexicans in the Illegal Immigrant category, when there are so many more races who are illegally here in the U.S.


Now what?

Somos animales salvajes: WHAT IS A MEXICAN? - Africa's Legacy in Mexico


by Miriam Jimenez Roman

Black people in Mexico? The looks of amazement and disbelief on the faces of first-time viewers of Tony Gleaton’s photographs are eloquent testimony to the significance of these images. Particularly to those who have little or no knowledge about societies beyond the…

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